Noise Helps Me Focus

The ‘atrium’ of CB5B, UTS. Expecting some sunlight at 4pm as it gets dark really early now.

My favourite working place is the library, right next to Market City and CB5B. But not today: I didn’t realise it is exam period and everybody was working hard in the library. Something that you don’t see on normal school days. The library can be freezing as there are only few students there.

My workspace is fantastic, but I would still choose a place with more sunlight with a bit of ‘organic’ noise. Compared to the home chores or the food in the fridge, working in places like a cafe is actually less distracting. Sometimes I write even more in a room full of people – like a Thesis Bootcamp!

There’s a research saying noise can help with creativity, and there’s even an app recreating coffee shop noises! I have to explore how the app works, but till then I would still prefer to write in the library or the lovely CB5B!

Maybe I’ll meet some of you there? :)

Where would be your perfect place for work or writing? A public space or a complete hideaway? Feel free to share with me!

One comment

  1. […] Everyone defines ‘distraction’ differently, but anything that makes your focus drift should be taken away. In the bootcamp, no one was allowed to use their cell phones; the internet had to be turned off – the moderator said it was not the time for finding references when writing. If you have to write in the office, you can diminish the chance your colleagues/ classmates would distract you by putting on earphones. I personally do not recommend writing with music on. Most of the time I would drift with the melody or groove. Preferences vary of course; if you really need some ambient noises you can try out an app that reproduces sounds from coffee shops – or simply go to one! […]


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