Hurstville City Library Museum Gallery



Simplicity is elegance. Look at the welcoming pack and the card.


I forgot when I registered my first public library card in Hong Kong. Since I started working at universities, and the rise of electronic bookshelves I had rarely visited one. The same goes as I can access two uni libraries in Sydney – until I downloaded an app Overdrive for audio and ebooks. The app can link to the libraries near you and you can borrow electronic items through the web. The closest library near my place is Hurstville City Library Museum Gallery, which I once jogged past but never entered. I wanted to borrow some audio books so I can listen to them when I’m cooking or commuting.

I just find myself stupid for not registering a library card as soon as I arrived. The registration just lasted one minute, and I got the library card right after filling out the form. The card came with a welcoming souvenir bag, with a library guide and a bilingual (English and Chinese) magazine Dragonfiles. Now I remember: I didn’t have any welcoming ‘gifts’ when I registered a card in Hong Kong.

The Hurstville LMG staff members are very polite, friendly, helpful and patient: they were not even angry when kids ran and shouted about. Now I remember: I was schooled by the Circulation staff when I made noise with my card at the counter desk when I was 10. I didn’t even mean to be rude.

The very first audiobook I have borrowed through Overdrive is Once a Spy by Keith Thomson. Great narration by Danny Campell. I can choose to return the item (automatically) within 7, 14 or 21 days. Now I remember: a young beautiful staff at LMG mentioned about the fining policy. I wasn’t paying attention. :P

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